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Added a comment: CLI to
some fixes to code blocks
an update broke all of the code blocks
arrrrgh. so it turns out that using three tilde signs to fence off a
code block is not standard Markdown.
apparently in a recent upgrade the default rendering options changed for
the Discount library (the markdown rendering library used by ikiwiki)
and fenced code blocks are not rendered anymore. what a fucking great
choice, thanks for breaking my blog!
I've tried declaring an environment variable in my ikiwiki setup file to
re-enable fenced code blocks but it didn't work.
so.... I'd rather change all of the code blocks than try to patch
ikiwiki. it's just not worth it.
*sigh* ikiwiki braking markdown?
the tilde lines are not necessary with the 4 leading spaces.
wtf happened to all the code blocks?
trying to fix it in a stupid manner
publish my auto updgrade script
link is not a link
creating tag page tags/freebsd
vagrant base boxes
typo s/transfer/transport/
oops. old bug is old. first delivery test doesn't quite work
creating tag page tags/debugging
How I ungot crazy
one day I'll get the links right on first try
Link to release notes and add section for new pubkeyring format
sigh and re-sigh
I hate wiki sytanxes for URLs. they are the worst and every damned wiki
makes it horrible in its own fashion.
Changes suggested by dkg
thanks for proof-reading!
more typos
An error message that doesn't mean a thing. should be documented
show the ridiculous error message that you get when the ssh->gpg-agent
setup is not working.
creating tag page tags/ssh
gpg upgrade!
broken sections
hmm I was not too attentive when writing that and used the wrong syntax.
too many damned wiki syntaxes grr
more syntax woes
this is getting annoying :(
creating tag page tags/conference
argh wiki syntaxes..
I've _again_ switched link syntax around.
Debconf in Montreal in 2017!
creating tag page tags/bash-completion
creating tag page tags/pass
pass and bash-completion
messed up the link syntax
How to rotate ssh key with monkeysphere
small an quick tip for openssh
Quick reminder for jessie live credentials
fix recursion and comment abount calling nomorespace
random bash things
duplicate comment
Added a comment: cheers
Added a comment: cheers
Added a comment: migrate ALL THE THINGS!
Added a comment: 504 gateway timeout
Added a comment: views didn't work for me
Added a comment: views didn't work for me
Added a comment: Re: clamav / greylist / S-A not working
Added a comment: multiple mails... follow-up
Added a comment: problems with sending multiple mails
Added a comment: update: clamav-milter permission bug is finally fixed
note how the permissions bug is fixed for clamav-milter
remove tag sysadmin
I always talk about that.. no need to plaster that everywhere.. let's
give real tags more visibility.
creating tag page tags/bash
creating tag page tags/scripting
bash uglyness of the day
add missing link to documentation
Added a comment: re: domain quota
Added a comment: thanks for nice how to
use the tag command correctly
grah.. this time it's right
use the right file extension
OpenPGP key transition.
creating tag page tags/squirrelmail
creating tag page tags/webmail
add tags to last article
Let's talk about squirrel mail's encrypted headers.
oops, forgot the actual link to the plugin
creating tag page tags/nagios
creating tag page tags/GPG
creating tag page tags/PGP
new nagios plugin
wrong order for url syntax
creating tag page tags/asterisk
creating tag page tags/fail2ban
how to block annoying bruteforcers for asterisk
Added a comment: global bayesian file and spamd user in wheezy
Added a comment: update: disable per-user configuration files for spamassassin
disable per-user configurations for spamassassin
Added a comment: reverted update in last comment
Revert "Change password scheme to salted SHA512"
This reverts commit 014db96add71f2800bd4402b0c2acfeabc79d65a.
After testing this feature, it actually only works halfway through.
cboltz on IRC told be that salted devocot methods were not properly
supported in 2.3.x, but they should be in upcoming 3.0 (current trunk)
creating tag page tags/postfixadmin
add tag "postfixadmin" to howto
Add a robots.txt file
tell bots to fuck off on the cgi-bin part
Added a comment: update: change of password scheme for a more secure one
Change password scheme to salted SHA512
default of MD5 is a bad idea since MD5 is *not* recommended anymore.
Added a comment: re: permit_mynetworks
Added a comment: permit_mynetworks
missing privilege for vacation user.
Added a comment: re: vacation
Added a comment: Yuriy
syntax fix
creating tag page tags/varnish
Discovery of the night!
wordpress logged-in users can now wreak havoc as they see fit!
Added a comment: package name
fix typo in package name
Thanks to Yuriy for finding that error
Added a comment
One more debugging command
creating tag page tags/ssl
Add some metadata
Syntax fixes
Add some testing tricks.
Notes on MySQL replication over SSL