It's just been decided: Montreal will be hosting Debconf in 2017!

After trying our luck last year, the current Montreal bid team was chosen for organising the event. The competing bid for Prague was really strong, too, so the decision from the organising chairs was only made clear towards the end of the meeting.

Our team currently counts nine people, which is more than last year, and we hope to enroll more help as time advances towards the conference.

I'm thrilled of being able to bring such an interesting event to this city and look forward to working with everybody involved. I'm hoping this will be a great experience for myself and all of the others involved. At least for myself, it's one way of giving back to the community around the distribution I use on my personal computers and in my everyday job.

If you feel like giving a hand with organization, you can come and say hi in the local debian users group mailing list, or join our IRC channel: #debian-quebec on the OFTC network.