For those of you who have already signed my key, and for those who might have considered it, I am migrating to a new key.

The reason is that I would like to move to a 4096bit RSA key to hopefully get a longer time before the three- or four-letter (here in Canada) organisations can bruteforce my encrypted communications.

My new key can be found on key servers and has the following fingerprint:

C1CC 7A4B 7FBE 8ED3 7C00 F8B5 C285 9249 6BAB C122

You might also notice that I removed one uid from the new key. Since my trust for the Google is eroding now to what looks like a ball of regurgitated cat fur, I'd like to encourage people to not use my gmail address anymore.

I've prepared a key transition statement so that those who've already signed my old key can verify that this is not a fake post from my alter-ego. See the following link: