Well it's finally done, I've moved my blog to ikiwiki.

I was able to complete the CSS last weekend in order to mimick as best I can the theme that I had on Drupal. Then was able to import all the contents.

Unfortunately I lost the article post times since I didn't know how to tell ikiwiki when each post was published, but it's not too big a problem, especially since I didn't have that many articles.

The comments went a little more smoothly. For fun, here's the bash command I used to extract all comments from Drupal's DB and dump them as comment files for ikiwiki.

echo "select n.title, concat('| [[!comment  format=mdwn|| username=\"', c.name, '\"|| ip=\"', c.hostname, '\"|| subject=\"', c.subject, '\"|| date=\"', FROM_UNIXTIME(c.created), '\"|| content=\"\"\"||', b.comment_body_value, '||\"\"\"]]') from node n, comment c, field_data_comment_body b where n.nid=c.nid and c.cid=b.entity_id;" | drush sqlc | tail -n +2 | while read line; do if [ -z "$i" ]; then i=0; fi; title=$(echo "$line" | sed -e 's/[    ]\+|.*//' -e 's/ /_/g' -e 's/[:(),?/+]//g'); body=$(echo "$line" | sed 's/[^|]*| //'); mkdir -p ~/comments/$title; echo -e "$body" > ~/comments/$title/comment_$i._comment; i=$((i+1)); done

That was really far from perfect, though: I settled for placing a double vertical bar for a newline placemark because piping from drush sqlc to the while loop was truncating the backslashes in the \n symbols. I then had to edit every file and replace the markers by new lines, and then verify all comment contents to find the n letters that were out of place to replace them with new lines, too.

Here are the main reasons why I decided to move away from Drupal:

  • No more regular security upgrades needed: this web site is all static files (except for the cgi)
  • Site will be a lot easier on the server. Drupal is a big chunk of php code and takes lots of resources.
  • It's now possible for me to write a post while offline, commit it and push it as soon as I have connectivity. This gives me the possibility to just assemble notes while in a conference or other events, and then complement during free time and post right away. I might not be shying away from writing a bunch of quick articles anymore.
  • I expect comment spam to be reduced. I'll see in the near future whether that is true or not.

Please note that the URLs to the RSS feeds and to the posts have changed. There's now also an atom feed. I haven't setup a redirection map from the old posts to the new URLs, but I'll try to do that in the next few days.

It's now also possible to follow the "Recent comments" via the RSS/Atom feed so that you can see when replies are sent.